Makrolon® multiwall polycarbonate sheets

Creative construction projects, such as stadium and train station roof covers, complex dome structures, skylights and barrel vaults, or lightweight roof constructions for winter gardens are all possible with Makrolon.  In industrial applications , this material - with its extremely high impact resistance - is valued as a reliable solution for protective glazing and machine covers.

The new generation of Makrolon® multi IQ-Relax sheets are ideally suited for glazing applications in the roofs of conservatories, winter gardens and pergolas. They have a built-in ‘intelligence’ system that automatically adjusts to ambient conditions. Makrolon® multi IQ-Relax gives comfort and enables you to lean back in your conservatory with a pleasant and unique ‘relax feeling’.

A whole set of accessories is available.

Makrolon multiwall polycarbonate sheets



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