1968: Creation of Albintra by the Cindu-Key & Kramer group.

1971: Activation of the company, which was a sleeping entity until then.  Right from the start, Albintra has the exclusive distribution in Belgium and Luxemburg of RUBALUX® skylights, becoming MEGALUX® in 2011.

1974: Cindu-Key & Kramer takes over Atab.  Albintra follows the same path as Atab.

1975: Albintra moves from Hoboken to Broechem in July.  The new offices and warehouses provide the growing company with more space.  Also that year, the materials department is created: Albintra has the exclusive distribution of Böcker lifts, Geda products and of Flux Flender bitumen boilers.  Exclusive distribution of STYRODUR® insulation boards in XPS.

1997: Beginning of an own production of skylights.  Sale of the materials department – the company decides to focus on the distribution of building materials and on the production of skylights.  Exclusive distribution of ISO-DRAIN®.

1998: MBO (Management Buy Out) by André Calicis, Thierry Raets and Berthe Sterckx – Albintra becomes independent.

1999: Exclusive distribution of HERAKLITH® and HERAKUSTIK® (which became HERADESIGN® later) wood wool panels.

2000: Exclusive distribution of FAKRO® loft ladders.  Since 2009, Albintra is also exclusive distributor in Belgium and Luxemburg of FAKRO skylights®.

2001: Exclusive distribution of ONDEX® products (PVC sheets).

2006: Exclusive distribution of Marmox BOARD®.  As from 2009, Albintra co-developed the Marmox THERMOBLOCK® construction elements.

2009: Albintra wins the FEMA Award, an important recognition from the federation of dealers in construction materials.

2013: Start of our big transformation works: the old offices and one of our warehouses were demolished and replaced by brand new ones.  The project was done with the architect Crépain-Binst and the contractor Verhelst.

2015: End of the works!  After two years in containers, we were more than happy to move into our beautiful new offices.  The capacity of our warehouse was substantially increased.

2018: Opening of our new showroom.  We present an overview of our product ranges on 240m².