FAKRO® miller staircases

FAKRO's miller staircases are made of solid spruce wood and can be installed in rooms with a ceiling up to 290 cm or 357 cm (MSS Superior combined with the MSW).  These models are a little steeper than normal stairs and thus need less space.

FAKRO offers 5 types:

  • MSU Universal: most popular straight miller staircase.
  • MSP Pivot: leaning staircase which can be folded away freeing up the space around the staircase when it is not in use.  This model can be laquered once or twice in certain RAL colours.
  • MSA Altero: has an alternating tread design and provides an optimal level of comfort despite its significant steepness. The alternating tread staircase is ideal for rooms with limited floor space or where small openings in the ceiling restrict the free space above the stairs. 
  • MSS Superior: this is the largest model within the range.  It has a very robust construction.
  • MSW Winder: 3-step, three-quarter turn (installation only at the bottom).  Can be bought for left or right turn and is to be used in combination with the MSS Superior.

The staircase can be additionally fitted with a handrail (MXH) mounted on the right or on the left.

FAKRO miller staircases