termPIR insulation panels in polyisocyanurate are used as a component of thermal insulation systems and are perfect for all types of buildings.

Styrodur is the green extruded polystyrene (XPS) that was developped more than 50 years ago by BASF.

Wood wool insulation is amongst others renowned for its quality as well as for its excellent fire resistance, durability and eco-friendliness. 

Acoustic and design: that is what Heradesign's magnesite bonded, wood wool panels stand for.

CEWOOD panels are a 100% natural material made of top quality wood and cement.  The use of wood wool panels continues expanding rapidly.

Marmox THERMOBLOCK has a unique compressive strength and R-value and is watertight, lightweight and easy to work with.

Knauf's glass mineral wool is lightweight, easily installed and provides outstanding thermal insulation as well as exceptional acoustic performance.

The Portugese company AMORIM is the biggest producer of cork in the world.  The agglomerated, dark-coloured cork, which can be used as insulation, is a 100% natural product.